Electronic shelf labels of the new
generation by Betterstore
A complete solution to increase sales and reduce costs
We do not resell, we create!
We differ favorably from our competitors in that all the solutions that we promote have been developed and created in our company. As a result, You get the best domestic product on more favorable terms in contrast to similar offers.
Sales and profit growth
Flexible and prompt pricing effectively adapts to the task and allows you to maximize the benefit at any time.
Cost reduction
Huge savings in man-hours and a reduction in the number of staff, as well as a reduction of all the typical costs to create and update the usual paper price tags.
Promotions and sales
Instant start-up of new promotions without the participation of the sellers. Holding sales to increase income or get rid of perishable products.
Versatility and flexibility
Electronic shelf labels can be used with different groups of products. The ability to almost instantly display any information makes the price tag independent and multi-purpose.
Customer loyalty
Exclusion of discrepancies with the price in the check and on the price tag. Individual marketing opportunities. The lack of chaos and rubble price tags.
Data management
Now you can manage any data array efficiently. Easily scale to the entire network and automate virtually any task from marketing to logistics.
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In action
See how quickly the electronic shelf label is updated
Mesh network used for radio communication
The simplicity of scaling, lack of special infrastructure, completely homogeneous network.
Multilayer laminated assembly
Cheaper and stronger than analogues.
Special production has been launched.
Shock protection and water resistance
Reliable to use. Ready for any operating conditions.
No electronics inside
Cheaper, more durable, thinner.
Developed a special shelf mount.
Bluetooth™ compatible
Two-way data exchange.
Simple integration of mobile devices.
Simple localization
Suitable for local market.
The financial model for retail is calculated.
Examples of integrations
See how our partners are already using electronic shelf labels

  • Dynamic and automated pricing
  • Automatic shelves control and customers control
  • Reducing business process costs
  • Reducing the number of mistakes made by staff

Dynamic pricing

We implement algorithms that allow prices to automatically adjust to demand, time of day, balances, prices of competitors and many more diverse scenarios.


The Scan&Go system allows the buyer to purchase goods independently in the sales halls of retail stores without the participation of staff.

  • Reduces the number of stuff
  • Facilitates communication of the buyer
  • Personalizes the offer to the buyer
  • Reduces queues at checkout
  • Automatizes payment
  • Excludes a significant part of human mistakes

Compo is a resident of SKOLKOVO technology Park, one of the few Russian developers and manufacturers of modern electronic devices. The company specializes in the creation of retail automation devices, has its own engineering department and production in St. Petersburg, as well as offices in the United States and Finland.

Compo is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of electronic shelf labels, holder of many patents for various technologies. We supply electronic shelf labels to the largest retail chains in Russia.

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