Scan&Go self-service system
Makes the buying process even faster and more comfortable
Self-service system for retail stores based on electronic price tags "Betterstore"
Self-service system

The Scan&Go system allows the buyer to purchase goods independently in the sales halls of retail stores without the participation of staff.

  • Reduces the number of personnel
  • Facilitates communication of the buyer
  • Personalizes the offer to the buyer
  • Reduces queues at checkout
  • Automatizes payment
  • Excludes a significant part of human mistakes


The buyer independently scans the goods at the time of its extraction from the shelf.

For weight goods used to choose from:
  • Scanning the self-service balance check
  • Additional module-prefix to self-service scales

Payment is made by the buyer himself.
Features of Scan&Go

  • The mobile phone of the buyer with the pre-installed application is used. The buyer does not have to take an unfamiliar device and study its interface
  • Scans the goods, and the price tags. Search and scan the NFC on the product is often complicated and require lengthy operations. The price tag is scanned instantly
  • Electronic shelf labels with NFC module scanned with a single touch. In the absence of NFC module the phone camera is used
  • The application interface is simplified as much as possible and does not require prior study
  • Payment can be made by pressing the on-screen button or by touching the NFC-reader
  • Compatible with online payment systems (Android Pay, Apple Pay and Bank acquiring)
Advantages for the buyer

  • Simplifies the purchase process
  • Reduces queues, reduces waiting time
  • Accelerates the choice of goods
  • Does not require interaction with staff
  • Speeds up routine operations
  • Allows you to not depend on the qualifications of employees
Advantages for the store

  • Reduces the burden on cashiers and consultants
  • Increases sales through impulse purchases
  • Sends detailed information about purchases
  • Personalizes the buyer at the time of receipt of the goods
  • Extends the merchandising
  • Allows you to organize multiple inputs and outputs
Advantages for the Bank

  • Acquiring (not required to coincide with the acquiring of the offline part of the store)
  • Buyer lending "on the fly"
  • Profiling and collecting customer data
    Exclusive offer from "Betterstore"

    • Scan&Go functionality is free to all buyers of electronic price tags "Betterstore" (in the absence of the need for integration and refinement)
    • Interface for integration with retailers' mobile applications
    • Full support from the API of electronic price tags
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