Automated solutions
For the effectiveness of offline retailers
Unified trading floor management system
Increase the efficiency of the store by reducing the impact human factor.

  • Dynamic and automated pricing
  • Automatic shelves control and customers control
  • Reducing business process costs
  • Reducing the number of mistakes made by staff

The basis of the system - electronic shelf labels
Allow to
  • Implement dynamic pricing, including intraday pricing
  • Offer the client individual conditions within the framework of loyalty programs
  • Manage the placement of goods, "mark up" the store and control the layout
  • Interactively interact with the customer
Shelf in advertising and information surface.

Infrastructure for other components of the automation system.

Complex automation of the trading floor
  • for sales growth 0.5-5%
  • and revenue growth of 4-8 thousand rubles per meter
Universal data infrastructure "Smart shelf"
Unified interface between controller and ESL

It is a plastic rail with three conductive lines for power supply and communication with retail automation equipment. The common rail reduces the number of controllers, batteries and radio modules required per store.

  • Works with various types of equipment - ESL, card readers, barcode readers, request buttons, intercom. Each device can be installed where you need

  • When ESL become obsolete and require replacement, equipment and controllers on the shelves remain relevant. No need to rebuild entire stores. Simply replace outdated or non-functional devices.
Coordination of all systems
Peer-to-peer radio infrastructure
All device controllers operate as repeaters. Now there is no need to invest in infrastructure. Controllers distribute data wherever you need in the store, even if they have a complex radio configuration.

Internal navigation
Each controller can operate as a navigation beacon.

Easy scalability
Simply add more devices (or remove unnecessary ones) to scale the entire system.
Communication with the user
Setting up from your mobile phone
In addition to special integration with CRM, the employee can use his smartphone or tablet to configure ESL. Don't need complicated solutions, just use the app.

Identify the customer with your smartphone
The buyer can be identified through a smartphone that has Bluetooth function. He will be offered personal discounts and special offers.

The client's participation
Share price information directly on the customer's smartphone and interact with them using the store app.

Very low power consumption
A button to call the seller
Don't lose retail turnover because of the shortage and shortcomings of the staff

A simple and effective way to create an interactive store:
  • based on Bluetooth
  • built-in in-store broadcast service
  • ability to call mobile and landline phones to control personnel
  • registration and reporting for performance analysis

Two-way intercom

Allows the client to get advice right at the shelf:
  • Bluetooth
  • integrated telephony system
  • built-in microphones and speakers
  • for large stores with reduced staff
  • keeps customers loyal and helps to serve them wherever they are
  • ability to answer the call on the go or with the help of back office staff
Active Beacons
  • each shelf controller is a beacon
  • improved using a number of location coordinates
  • the transmission of the shelf controller is under control
  • tracking people (buyers and staff)
  • cell phone tracking at a distance of 15-20 mm
  • tracking equipment
Machine vision
Product recognition on the shelf
Infrastructure smart shelves allows you to set:

  • high resolution camera modules
  • digital signal processors for image preprocessing

Radio infrastructure supports:

  • transfer of processed product information
  • server-side data processing
  • notification of staff in the hall about the problems of the layout
  • generation of reports, alerts and notifications

Using ready-made infrastructure for data collection and transmission, interfaces, protocols and computing resources, it is possible to save many times on the introduction of technologies.
Face recognition
  • Uses already prepared infrastructure
  • Allows you to control the staff
  • Allows you to identify buyers
  • Works in real time
  • Easily integrates with other authentication and authorization methods, including BLE and NFC tags supported by the system
Store management
Supervision of staff

  • the entire territory of the trading hall is a controlled space
  • maintained control on the basis of marks (BLE and NFC)
  • control travel gadgets
  • machine vision based control
  • access authorization
  • movement control
  • creating heat maps
  • tracking geofences
  • time measurement of typical operations and processes
  • control and increase of labor productivity

Asset management

  • The location of the equipment, marks using machine vision
  • Verification of compliance with the regulations of use
  • Correlation with the movement of personnel
  • Prevention of theft of damage
  • Prevention of misuse
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